Orchestral Template For Reaper (OTR) comes with a custom TouchOSC template that will serve as a one-stop-shop for your CC and OSC controlling needs. While much more is planned, presently, there are five specific screens for controlling the OTR template as well as midi CCs in many of the major libraries.

The Main tab is built for general midi CC mapping as well as OTR-mapped midi CCs with TrackPacks that would not otherwise have midi CCs mapped by default from the developer. For example, the Native Instruments Symphony Series instruments require all MIDI CCs to be manually mapped. But, if you were to purchase an OTR TrackPack that includes the NI Symphony Series instruments, you would discover that the Midi CCs come pre-mapped to the OTR configuration for this TouchOSC tab. Neat huh?


Next, you will find a generic tab with two XY pads, as well as a panel of CC faders. These can be used for any purpose desired.


The following two tabs function identically to the Main tab, but are geared toward Orchestral Tools’ Berlin Series midi CC mappings as well as Spitfire-specific mappings. These particular developers map most of the knobs and faders in their Kontakt libraries prior to purchase. The OTR Touch OSC interface works without any additional configuration needed.



The final tab is a navigation function for the OTR template. Often, it is easy to find yourself with a template of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of tracks. If you were working in the Vocal section and decided that you wanted to navigate to the Strings section for additional work, you would typically have to scroll through all of the tracks in between the sections. But with the controls on this tab in the OTR TouchOSC template, navigating is as simple as pushing a button. OTR will automatically jump to the proper category (VI-C track), and center the view. There are also buttons for hiding each section if you want to clean up screen space!


So many great things can be done with this template.  It makes using OTR a joy and offers a native OSC integration unavailable in other DAWs.