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Multi-Mic, Articulations Per Track, Or One Track Per Instrument - All Are Possible.

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What if a DAW were built for Composers and not engineers?

And what if it was so simple to use that it reshaped the landscape of track routing, template building and orchestration? It may sound too good to be true, but in a comparative way, there was once a time when Unix was the technical marvel for software engineers, but far from approachable by average consumers. That is until Steve Jobs decided to make it accessible to everyone and call it OS X. Essentially, that is what OTR is for Reaper - built for Composers & VI Artists. It is a re-imagining of the best performing and highest scaling audio platform available, built for the group of people most overlooked by the DAW industry. This is musicians helping musicians .

What is OTR?

OTR is the only industry standard workflow template for Composers & VI Artists consisting of a comprehensive set of custom scripts, actions, buttons, knobs, shortcuts, and innovative workflow enhancements that sit on top of the Reaper DAW as a NEW & REFINED user interface. Many excessive composer workflow processes have been reduced to the single click of a button. And with TrackPacks, complete VI libraries are already pre-configured with one click. No more inserting tracks and then loading plugins and configuring track outputs. It is kind of a composer's Nirvana. Really.

0ver 300 custom scripts

There is a lot happening beneath the hood of OTR. Though most is not obvious to the enduser, just know that OTR would not be able to work without the 300 scripts and actions that power it.

11 Custom Tabbed Menu Bars

Those 300 scripts and actions? Yep, they power the 11 menus of OTR. These are menus not available in Reaper without the addition of OTR - which makes the composer's workflow possible.

70 Default Track Templates

To improve workflow, OTR provides over 70 default track templates. 70? yes. 70. Just right click and insert a track from a selection of track templates. You choose exactly what you need. It is that easy.

Includes Library Builder

Library Builder is a special way to combine all of the features from large libraries such as BWW, SSS, etc. If you want to create a simple one-click load approach to entire sections, this is the way to do it.

Automated Batch Export

Automated Batch Export in 22 Pre-defined Categories, 6 Rollup stems, and Full Mix. You can choose to render a selected stem, pre-defined stem groups, or everything at once. Sit back and have a coffee while it renders.

Aux Busses Already Pre-setup

You've never seen an Aux Bus-flow as pretty as this. Everything is pre-routed from tracking through to the final mix. No more figuring out where to place an FX chain before rendering.

VCA template control

VCAs are an all-too-overlooked feature. But now the mystery of VCA routing has been simplified and made available for everyone's use - and mapping them has never been easier. Just push a button.


Wouldn't it be nice if you could not only right click and insert your track template, but instead choose what VI you want loaded at the same time? Just one click, made possible due to TrackPacks.

Bonus! Kontakt5 Custom Output Map

OTR is built upon a clean routing matrix. The included Kontakt Output Maps improve this process. Just add the configuration to Kontakt and everything works seamlessly. From VI through to mix.

Bonus! Touch OSC OTR Template

Some orchestral libraries arrive "vanilla" in form upon purchase without having midi CCs pre-assigned to the knobs and faders. OTR solves this problem by pre-mapping these libraries and providing a Touch OSC interface.

Everything You Need To Know About OTR, Right here.

Changing DAWs isn't easy. That's because they were never built for Composers & VI Artists. That's all about to change.

The Composer's Challenge... Solved


How so?


Click on this guy to find out!

Right click. insert.

All routing for sample libraries are already pre-configured. Plugins are pre-loaded. Just choose your virtual instrument and make music. Done? Render stems with one click.